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Our R&D Centers locate in the two most famous universities in Nanjing. One is China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) and the other is Nanjing University of Technology (NUT). CPU is the eminent authority in Pharmaceuticals field in china. And NUT is strong for his R&D talent in chemical synthesis.

For many years development, our five labs there are composed of experts on Pharmaceutical formulation, pharmaceutical chemistry and chemical synthesis with doctor and master degrees or those who once studied abroad, professional chemical and instrument analyst and licensed pharmacist.

They are mainly working for serving our core exporting business, meeting requirements of customers and markets. Of course, they also reinforce the cooperation with other famous universities and research institutions in and out of China in order to share the technology resources.

Our labs are well equipped with advanced experiment instruments such as NMR, HPLC, GC, MS, reactors, which mainly engaged in the development of pharmaceuticals, bulk chemicals ,intermediates, and also exploit the high value-added fine chemicals and so on.

Their advantages in talents and information is our support also our confidence!!

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